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Visual marking and safety line

The Aqua Guardian marking- and safety line SL-155 has two main functions in relation with energy production in waters and water systems. One of these functions is to give a clear signal of potential hazards. The other is to perform as a safety line.

After we presented this product in the winter of 2011, we have delivered more than 16 000 metres of it to Norwegian hydropower producers. The product value will increase with the extensiveness of lines placed in and by waters and water systems, as people travelling along these areas will recognize the visual signal and relate it with danger.

We have chosen a size on the floating elements that is big enough to be seen when needed, but still small enough to “fade” out in the landscape at a distant. The floating elements are fitted to the line so that one has the possibility to pull oneself from floating element to floating element towards mainland, in the event of falling into the water.

AQ Foto Nettside – Lense Holsfjord
AQ Foto Nettside – Lense Storli
AQ Foto nettside – Lense Sødra Sel
AQ Foto Nettside – Lense Tyssedal
AQ Foto Nettside – Lense Aker brygge


Aqua Guardian delivers two types of booms, especially designed and produced to endure rough weather conditions, along with the stress brought by floating elements in the current.

Both the booms have the following areas of utilization;

  • Lead twigs, grass, etc.
  • Gather twigs, grass, etc.
  • Gathering of acute pollution
  • Signalizing danger to a third person

Our river boom, the RB-series, is a boom that is easy to handle. This boom is usually delivered on a car trailer with sections coupled together to a 200 metre long boom. This solution is utilized all over Norway.

Our permanent boom, the PB-series, is created with solid, permanent floating elements and a particularly thick fabric. This boom will endure laying into a quay or next to rocks, a concrete dock or a rusty boat. The boom can be frozen in ice and is almost impossible to sink.

Both booms can be delivered with a solution that compensates for the changes in water levels. This solution includes a leading steel beam that is mounted vertically facing the mainland with a floating element running on the band.

AQ Foto Nettside – Bøye AQ120_gul
AQ Foto Nrttside – Bøye AQ120_rød
AQ Foto Nettside – Bøye AQ135_2
AQ Foto Nettside – Bøye ID250
AQ Foto Nettside – Bøye ID1000
AQ Foto Nettside – Bøye ID50


Aqua Guardian delivers several types of buoys and stakes for use in waters and water systems. All buoys and stakes are designed and produced to endure rough weather conditions.

Our buoy AQ-120 with its characteristic stake form is used for marking dangerous currents and unsafe ice, but could also be used in combination with lines, booms and barriers. This buoy could be delivered as a navigation mark and in the colour yellow, white, red or green.

Our light-buoy AQ-135 is mainly used to signalize unsafe ice on regulated water systems. The buoy has a yellow, blinking light that automatically starts up as day light decreases. The light is visible at a long distance. The bright yellow colour of the buoy makes it highly visible in day light.

The ID-50 buoy is our smallest buoy. This buoy is primary used for anchoring of marking- and safety lines.

We also have two larger anchoring buoys, ID-250 and ID-1000. These two are often used for positioning and anchoring barrier installations.



Aqua Guardian produces robust barriers for the hydropower industry. They can be used in both watercourses and reservoirs. Our barriers have two main functions, one of them is to provide added safety for third persons, the other to provide safety in operations.

Third person safety includes safety for people travelling near or in watercourses or reservoirs. Special attention to persons in canoes, kayaks or small boats.

Safety in operations includes gathering of- or leading floating elements aside to prevent clogging of spillways and intakes. Floating elements could be small such as twigs or grass, and could also be bigger elements such as timber, floating turf islands or other heavy floating objects which might appear in floods.

The barriers can be delivered as both a single open and single closed solution. They could also be delivered as a double solution with depth skirts, grids or with a walkway.

AQ Foto Nettside – Skilt Bygdin
AQ Foto Nettside – Skilt Sulldal
AQ Foto Nettside – Skilt Heivannet
AQ Foto Nettside – Skilt Hovatn


Aqua Guardian provides all types of signs regarding watercourse safety and also equipment to mount these. We provide both danger, prohibition and information signs. We do also provide reservoir signs with case specific information and maps to give third persons sufficient safety information both in summer- and wintertime.

As a part of our work with third person safety, we acknowledge the great importance of proper signage. By proper signage, third persons travelling in or by watercourses or reservoirs could gain necessary information to be able to stay safe in such areas. This demands both correct location of signs and that the message is clear and easy to understand. Keep special attention to field of view, vegetation and snow when location of signs is decided. It should be assessed whether figures are sufficient, or if there should be text as well.

In some cases, signs would be sufficient as a safety procedure, and in other cases signs work great as a supplement for installations such as barriers, buoys or marking and safety lines.

AQ Foto Nettside – Moringer Sulldalsosen_1
AQ Foto Nettside – Moringer Sulldalsosen_2
AQ Foto Nettside – Moringer dam Kilen_1
AQ Foto Nettside – Moringer dam Kilen_2
AQ Foto Nettside – Moringer dam Kilen_3
AQ Foto Nettside – Moringer fot

Moorings / mounting hardware

Aqua Guardian provides all types of mounting hardware for the mounting of marking- and safety lines, booms, buoys or barriers. This includes simple components such as shackles, thimbles, clamps, mooring or rock bolts, for either ropes, wires or chains. We do also provide complete mooring systems and solutions with pulleys and plumbs for regulated reservoirs.

We do have extensive competence with project planning and mounting of various types of installations. We do also have a well-established network within diving and helicopter services, that again provides safe and reliable execution of our projects.


External environment

Aqua Guardian provides all types of solutions for critical oil or fuel spills in waters or on land. We do have extensive competence and experience handling small or medium sized spills in waters and watercourses, for example in relation to construction work, transport or power production.

By handling critical spills there are demands to both competence and equipment. We could provide both and also contribute as Incident Commander, government contact point or by delivering equipment.

We provide oil booms, oil skimmers, absorbing booms, absorbers and other related equipment.

We do also provide complete spill-kits, consisting of emergency boxes that could handle small spills from 30 to 750 liters. We have delivered several spill-kits to the hydropower industry. They are commonly placed in emergency vehicles, workshops or inside the power stations.

AQ Foto Nettside – Annet Tidevannskompensator
AQ Foto Nettside – Annet Livbøye
AQ Foto Nettside – Annet Tilhenger
AQ Foto Nettside – Annet PE Kasse_2
AQ Foto Nettside – PE Kasse_1

Other equipment

  • Watercourse safety – Water level compensator
  • Emergency – Car trailers
  • Standby – Rescue- and lifebuoy
  • Storage – Polyethylene boxes

Our services

Aqua Guardian is an engineering company with long experience and high expertise in issues regarding external environment and watercourse safety.

We are truly aware that high quality products are not enough to minimize risk alone. Expertise in usage, mounting and inspection of the products is equally important to achieve the best possible result. Likewise is our extensive competence in material science, physics and hydrology. These skills sum up Aqua Guardians profile.

We put great pride in our engineering skills to ensure high quality installations at our customer’s site. Normal procedures are as follows: The customer presents an issue. We present one or more solutions for the customer’s specific case. We inform the customer if this specific case demands tools or products outside our product line and if we may develop it in the given time frame. Together with the customer, the best solution for the given time and cost frame is decided. Then we start production or development.

All our products for external environment and watercourse security are developed in close cooperation with our customers and always as a result of an issue.


Some of our customers prefer to do all the mountings on site with their own staff. We will then be able to support by telephone or mail. Other customers choose to leave the full responsibility to us for mounting a complete installation.

All our products could be mounted on customer´s site by us.

We have extensive experience from mounting work on water courses and reservoirs, all year round, and under extreme weather conditions. Before the work starts, we always provide safe-work instructions.

SJA skjema

Inspections and maintenance are essential to ensure the long lifetime and high performance of our products.

We can enter inspection and maintenance contracts with our costumers world wide.

Contact us for more information.



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Familiar with the hydropower industries challenges related to dam safety and public security.

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Leading developer of new products and systems adapted to the artic climate.


Extensive experience and expertise in mounting of installations under demanding artic weather conditions.

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